Tittle is purpose, but no, I am not going to write about Justin Bieber’a album. I am going to write about something that many teenagers are not familiar on. Purpose. My great friend, her name is Irene, asked me the other day why I go to school. That question actually caught me by surprise because honestly, I have no idea why I go to school. I guess it’s because I have to since my parents have paid school fees. But that’s not the answer I gave Irene. I told her it’s because in my own perspective, we go to school because we have no other choice. We are our parents investments. If they pay school fees to take us to school, then we are expected to read as hard as we can, get good jobs and later help our parents and live good lives. In that case, the investment was profitable. If the student fails to achieve the expectations of his parents, then the investment wasn’t profitable. As you’ve noticed, that clearly shows the purpose of most people nowadays in school. To please parents and the rest follow. There’s nothing wrong with that. Absolutely not. But are we doing what we’re passionate about? Being a teenager in Kenya is quite hard because few parents in Kenya will let their children do what they want. To follow their dreams. Parents dream for us and we follow their dreams. Achieve their goals. I don’t know why, but many parents are oriented towards making their children doctors. Which is a great career. But do they ever consider, what does the child really want. Most of us are too timid to oppose our parents, and years later, you’ll find someone sitted in an office not even knowing what’s going on their lives. For instance, I personally want to be a research scientist in future but my mother wants me to be a doctor. But I can’t stand blood and she doesn’t understand how that’s possible. And even the fact that I want to be a research scientist, it doesn’t interest her. Does my heart lay in research science? Not fully. Where does my heart lay? In music, literature, photography and modelling. If my mother ever finds out this, she’ll think I’m becoming a rebel. Which I’m not. The heart wants what it wants. And chances are, I’ll possibly end up as a doctor, not even a research scientist nor an author. A doctor. Something my mother wants. Not me. What was my whole purpose of going to school then? To become what my mother wanted me to be. I insist on people finding real purposes in their lives. Reasons that will drive them to do what they do. And people to be given a chance to fulfill their purposes of existence. If you’re reading this, take a minute and think of what’s your purpose on earth. If you’re a believer like me, you’ll realize there’s more to life than the earthly materials. Have you discovered why you’re alive? Personally, I have. Serving the Lord is my purpose in life. In all ways possible. And will anyone’s opinion make me change my purpose? No. No matter what your purpose in life is, make sure you fulfill it, lest you be somewhere in the future regretting all the choices you made or were made for. Find your purpose.



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    Well thought piece of writing. Life ain’t always what it seems. Find your purpose and define it. Make a path for yourself where there seems to be no way. We have choices to make and dreams to achieve but nothing on a silver platter. Find the inner you and let it soar like a bird set free.


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